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Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, account for seven out of ten deaths. Here at Yonge Cummer Medical Centre, we consider preventive care a pillar of our practice. As part of your wellness visit, our team of health care professionals will take a comprehensive health history and physical examination. We also offer the following services:

  • Taking steps to reduce risk factors.
  • Consult about diet, exercise, substance abuse and sexual activity.



Pediatric Care

We offer advanced, chronic, acute, and urgent medical care for newborns, toddlers, children and adolescents. Our pediatric services include vaccinations, nutritional guidance, and trauma-related concerns.

Following the newborn period, regular visits and immunizations (as per the Ontario Immunization Schedule) should be scheduled regularly and as suggested by your physician.


Annual Physical Exam

In family medicine, prevention is better than cure. By getting a checkup every year, you can avoid potential illnesses. As part of an annual checkup, patients can discuss any current concerns with their physicians, test for potential problems, and ensure their health is on track. Based on your exam results, age, gender, and activity level, our professionals will make recommendations for you based on a physical examination, health screening, and appropriate counselling.

Note: Periodic health visits will continue to be an essential element of your approach to treatment and care for individuals with chronic diseases.


Women’s Health

It’s not just menopause and menstrual cycles that affect women’s health; pregnancy issues, birth control issues, and many more. Women are more likely to suffer from specific health issues than men. The diseases women suffer from may differ from those that affect men, and their treatments may also be different. Additionally, men and women may have the same condition but show different symptoms.

With our knowledgeable practitioners, we can help you through all stages of child-rearing, including pregnancy guidance and rapid pregnancy testing, prenatal and postnatal care, and contraception (birth control shots and IUD insertions and removals).

Additionally, we conduct regular physical examinations and PAP tests for screening against breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer. Our doctors can also refer patients to specialists or perform diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds and mammograms.

Testing is done for urinary tract infections (UTIs), fungal (yeast) infections, viral infections, and bacterial infections. You can also receive treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HPV testing at our clinic.

Additionally, we assist women with hormone management, including the diagnosis and treatment of menopause.


Referrals and Medical Diagnostic Tests

If necessary, our doctors may arrange for you to have diagnostic tests. These may include x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, and mammograms, among others.